Valentia Island Sea Angling

Valentia Island is the ideal place for a spot of fishing, it has clear blue unpolluted waters of the Gulf Stream.

Being an island you can fish in all weather you can fish the harbour in bad weather for conger, dogfish bullhuss ray, pollack and ballen wrasse

Outside the harbour it’s a haven for fishermen, in 2004 European Championship,
35 different species were caught, the most common being conger, ling, pollack, cod, pouting, cuckoo wrasse, ballen wrasse, haddock whiting red and grey gurnard, ray dabs and pailce, and the common skate up to 200lbs.

In August and September when the water temperature is up to 15 degrees you can fish for blue shark.

The Mary Frances


 The boat is an offshore 105 with a 320hp Iveco engine, it has a large wheelhouse for the comfort of the anglers. It comes equipped with radio, fish-finder, GPS and all the necessary safety equipment required by the Department of Marine.

We have a good range of rods for the novice and experienced angler and there is also a good supply of tackle and weights to keep you happy catching fish with the right gear.

The boat is licensed to carry 12 people up to 30 miles from the shore, fully insured with all the equipment and safety gear.


The Skipper


The skipper Nealie has being working and fishing on boats for 35 years including the

Valentia lifeboat and commercial trawlers he has alot of experience of the sea and the fishing grounds.

He knows all the hot spots, with his offshore angling boat he can have you in the
fishing grounds in less then half an hour.